Leave her Johnnie
(Оставь ее, Джонни!)

I thought I heard the Old Man say,
"Leave her Johnnie, leave her"
"Tomorrow you will get your рау,"
It's time for us to leave her,

We'll make her fast and pack our gear,
Leave her Johnnie, leave her!
We'll leave her moored 'longside the pier.
It's time for us to leave her!

She'd neither stay, nor wear, nor steer,
She shipped it green and she made us swear.

The work was hard and the passage long,
The seas were high and the gales were strong.

The bunks were hard and the watches cold,
The meat was green and biscuit old.

We'll pray, again we'll never be,
On а hungry ship the likes as she.

The sails are furled and our work is done,
And now on shore we'll find our fun.

Śpiewnik Żeglarski - Przeboje 10 lat Festiwali Shanties - MKM "Szkwał" CM Kraków 1992

Есть польская версия - "Rzuć ją Johny" (слова Ежи Вадовского).