Santa Anna
(Санта Анна)

Santa Anna gained that day away,
Santa Anna,
Santa Anna gained that day
oh, I long the plaines of Mexico.

Mexico, oh Mexico
Mexico, is а place I know
oh, I long.....

Then well at girls, I tell adore
with the shining eyes and their coal
black haire

I to them yell girls love me so
because I wont tell them all I know

And Liverpool girls don't use no comb
they comb their hair with а kipper

When I was а young man in my prime back bome
I knocked them down /got а / two at а time

Times is hard and away gets law
It's time for us to roll and go

Śpiewnik Żeglarski - Przeboje 10 lat Festiwali Shanties - MKM "Szkwał" CM Kraków 1992