'Way me Susiana

Szanta śpiewana przy pompach i załadunku towarów

We'll heave him up an'away we'll go,
'Way me Susiana!
We'll heave him up an'away we'll go,
We're all bound over the mounten!

We'll heave him up from down below,
'Way, me...
That is where the cocks dо crow,
We' re all...

An'if we drown while we are young,
It's better со drown than to wait со be hung.

Oh, growl ye may but go уе must,
If ye growl too hard yer head they'll bust.

Up sox, you cocks, hand her two blocks,
An'go below to yer ol'ditty box.

Oh, rock an'shake'er, one more drag,
Oh, bend yer duds an'pack yer bag.

Śpiewnik Żeglarski - Przeboje 10 lat Festiwali Shanties - MKM "Szkwał" CM Kraków 1992