Whisky Johnnie
(Виски Джонни)

Oh Whisky is the life of man.
Whisky Johnnie
We'll sup it from and old tun can
Whisky for me Johnnie

It's whisky up and it's whisky down,
Whisky, Johnnie!
It's whisky all around the town,
Whisky for me Johnnie!

I'll drink it hot and I'll drink it cold,
I'll drink it new and I'll drink it old.

Oh, whisky made me pawn my clothes,
And whisky gave me this red nose.

If the ocean was whisky and I could swim,
I'd say "Here goes" and dive straight in.

If the river was whisky and I was а duck,
I'd dive to the bottom and sup it all up.

We're а Liverpool ship with а Liverpool crew,
With а Liverpool mate and skipper too.

We're Liverpool born and Liverpool bred,
We're thick in the arm and thick in the head.

А tot of whisky for each man,
And а bottle for the shantyman.

Śpiewnik Żeglarski - Przeboje 10 lat Festiwali Shanties - MKM "Szkwał" CM Kraków 1992

Есть польская версия - "Szklany Jasio