(midi) deutch; engl, fr, 1936

United Front Song
(Песня Народного фронта)

music: Hans Eisler
text: Bertold Brecht

As man is only human,
He must eat before he can think.
Fine words are only empty air
And not his meat and drink.


Then, Left! Right! Left!
Then, Left! Right! Left!
There`s a place, Comrade for you,
March with us in the workers` united front;
For you are a worker too.

As man is only human,
He`d rather not have boots in face.
He wants no slaves at his beck and call,
Nor life by a masters`s grace.

And since a worker`s a worker,
No class can free him but his own;
‘The emancipation of the working-class
Is the task of the workers alone.

Английская версия Песни Народного фронта.